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How to Read Your EFIE
The document, "How to Read Your EFIE" has been moved to our Documents Page.
Dear Mike
I have several probably "bone head" problems. I installed an electroyzer and now two in a series. I then installed the EFIE but it doesn't seem to be working and I don't know when it is on or off my switch toggles up and down and the LED lite comes on for a second and goes out.

My power is hooked like my electroyzer to the starter selonoid. And it is grounded I used the 4 wire hook up in the diagram! What about the other two wires? I have a 3 wire O2 sensor, red, black, and white. So The white I assume is the computer or from the sensor to the computer.

I have an 02 extender installed and I am going to ad a simple water injection system or vaporoizer with alcohol and water in a jar.

I use NaOH in my electrolyzer and they are the double helix "W4gas" cells i noticed a slight increase in fuel effeincy last time i fueled I was getting 22-23 average for my Subaru and I got 26-27 at last fill-up. The electroyzers were only on for about two days prior to fillup. So that was something good or differeent.

Mainly I need to know how to read my multimeter as I took some road tests and made some adjustments for about a good hour to an hour an a half. This is really walking in the unknown I know it has to be this way unlessx you have a freind with a Dyn Ha ya right!

I am not even sure if my electyrical connections are secure. I tried using the crimp type connectors but I am not comfortable with them and the wires are so tiny. I have used an electrical connector in the past little white square plastic 2 screw where you put in a wire and screw it down and you knew you had a good connection but the crimp ones you never really know. I prefer copper over the aluminum even if they cost a little more

So I don't know if any of my adjustments are working. I see the 0 and 1 flashes once in a while on my amp meter display. But how do you know when you are pushing the limits in milli volts? More flashes. And I am clueless how or what range or setting I am even at if you say 3-450mv is the max.

Well, first thing. Lets get that EFIE some temp power directly from the battery. Does the light still go out? Then EFIE has issues. Probably it doesn't, which means your power source has issues. That means eveyrthing else won't work right either.

Let's take care of that first.

If you have a single EFIE, the blue and the brown wires don't hook up to anything.

The questions you are asking are covered in the installation instructions. I can't explain them here any clearer than I already did there. Please read them.
Here's some good info: Oxygen Sensors: How to Diagnose and Replace
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