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How do you regulate HHO mixture ?

If I understand corectly some people are just dumping the HHO directly into the air filter on the un-filtered side of the filter box....questions:

1) I assume the amount of HHO mixing with the fuel / gas fluctuates significantly between when vehicle is started, idling, running at various throttle positions does one tune the air fuel ratio if this HHO is constantly fluctuating......also if you generator stops producing and you have your mixture leaned out don't you run the risk of blowing up your engine since it doesn't have the HHO mixed in....???

2) Won't all the excess HHO being produced in trapped in the air fliter on long idles make the outside air to HHO ratio become mainly saturated with HHO ?

Clear as mud ?? Big Grin

Anyway is there anyway to regulate the amount of HHO sent to the air filter and to increase during acceleration and decrease during idle etc ?

Thoughts welcome please.

Cheers Big Grin

HHO alone: 10-25% Fuel savings .
HHO + EFIE: 15-35% - using EFIE or EFIE/PWM Combo unit .
HHO + EFIE + IAT + MAP and more: 30-60% - using - ProTuner .
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