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How To Post Files
How To Post Files

This section is for posting files that are of general interest to the group. You are of course free to upload files in any post or any thread. However, those files that will be referred to often, should be posted here so they can be easily found by all.

To post a file here:

1. Start a new thread in this forum.
2. In the "Thread Subject" box, give a title that is descriptive to the file or files you will upload. The filename may be fine if it is recognizable to others.
3. Add your text to the post to describe the file(s).
4. Upload your file(s).

If you need to later modify the file you've uploaded, you can edit your post, then delete the old file and upload the new one. This is preferable to starting a new thread and leaving the older, outdated file still available to others.
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